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The people listed below have all given of their time generously, answering questions, pointing me to salient writings, sitting for interviews, reviewing chapters, or otherwise encouraging me to complete this book. I would like to thank every one (and I promise to add XFN information to the links at length):
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Radio Free Blogistan

Multitouch OS X video iPod coming?

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Petitions Galore: Care2 Builds a Facebook App

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Not funny!

I'm 5'7"

More on Butterball the hawk from the CONE birdcam

A surprise, first thing in the morning, right outside the window

Wikipedia, improving quality, reporting the news

"Insanely Useful" sites for government transparency

Congressmen under investigation

Larry Lessig to advocate for governmental transparency

Even more less in San Francisco


Take Back America

Social Information Overload

US Internet Speeds are Really Slow..

Getting Real

IIW Project Recap

Online Community Map

David Weinberger: Everything is Miscellaneous

Dabble Hits 10,000,000 videos indexed after 8 months!



"The internet's output is data, but its product is freedom" (Clay Shirky)

Andrew Keen: Rescuing 'Luddite' from the Luddites (Clay Shirky)

knowledge access as a public good (danah boyd)

viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace (danah boyd)

Gorman, redux: The Siren Song of the Internet (Clay Shirky)

Mis-understanding Fred Wilson's 'Age and Entrepreneurship' argument (Clay Shirky)

The Future Belongs to Those Who Take The Present For Granted: A return to Fred Wilson's "age question" (Clay Shirky)

Old Revolutions Good, New Revolutions Bad: A Response to Gorman (Clay Shirky)

HBR Interactive Case Study: "We Googled You" (danah boyd)

Susan Mernit's Blog

Quote of the Day

Jason Shellen's leaving Google: Two thoughts

Getting RSS data out of Facebook-- and into where?

Quote of the Day (Self-improvement Wednesday)

Facebook as a collaborative environment


Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

Avon Walk 2007 San Francisco--Over and feeling good


proving collective intelligence


picking up where I left off

a quick update

the future of open source

announcing the NetTraq mailing list

it's alive...

Getting Serious about Networks

Robert Steele on Amazon


RIP Peter Lyman

on (pseudo) holiday July 1-14

Dear esteemed members of the press,

knowledge access as a public good

woah.... omg. reflections on mega-viewership

viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace

"Sicko", Barack, and Danny Pearl

Vodafone Receiver #18

let the stalking begin

Mills College program for girls to enter computer science

Oprah's Leadership School For Girls

conference t-shirts

What A Year!

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